Assembly election results for Swansea West May 2016

Election Candidate Party Votes %
Julie James Welsh Labour 9014 41% Elected
 Craig Lawton Welsh Conservative Party 3934 18% Not elected
 David Rhys Lloyd (Dai Lloyd)
Plaid Cymru 3225 15% Not elected
 Rosie Irwin United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) 3058 14% Not elected
 Chris Holley Welsh Liberal Democrats 2012 9% Not elected
 Gareth Tucker Welsh Green Party 883 4% Not elected
 Brian Johnson Socialist Party of Great Britain 76 0% Not elected
Voting Summary
Overview Number
Seats 1
Valid votes cast 22202
Electorate 54593
Share of the votes (%)
Julie James  41% Elected
Craig Lawton  18% Not elected
David Rhys Lloyd (Dai Lloyd)  15% Not elected
Rosie Irwin  14% Not elected
Chris Holley  9% Not elected
Gareth Tucker  4% Not elected
Brian Johnson 0% Not elected
Results graph