Wrexham is the largest town in North Wales with a long history of industry mainly mining and metalwork. Since the decline of these heavy industries it is largely a light manufacturing centre. As is understandable for such an industrial seat it has been held by Labour in Parliament since 1935. Although internal strife in the Labour party lead to the then Labour Assembly Member standing as an independent and winning the seat. It reverted back to Labour in the 2007 elections. If Labour don’t fall out, which they have a habit of doing here (must be the Wrexham Lager) it is considered a safe seat for the party.

2015 General election results

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Lucas, Ian Labour 12,181 37.23
Atkinson, Andrew Conservative 10,350 31.63
Plevin-Kelly, Niall UKIP 5,072 15.5
Harper, Carrie Plaid Cymru 2,501 7.64
Walsh, Rob Liberal Democrat 1,735 5.3
Munnerley, David Green 669 2.04
Edwards, Brian Independent 211 0.64

Labour  majority 1,831 (5.6%) 2.94 swing Labour to Conservative

Electorate 50,992 Turnout: 32,719 (64.16%)

2011 Assembly election result

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Griffiths, Lesley Labour 8,368 44.78%
Marek, John Conservative 5,031 26.92%
Brereton, Bill Liberal Democrat 2,692 14.41%
Jones, Marc Plaid Cymru 2,596 13.89%

Turnout: 18,687 (34.92%)

Labour hold 3,337 majority

2010 General election results

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Lucas, Ian Labour 12,161 36.9
Rippeth, Tom Liberal Democrat 8,503 25.8
Hughes, Gareth Conservative 8,375 25.4
Jones, Arfon Plaid Cymru 2,029 6.2
Roberts, Melvin BNP 1,134 3.4
Humberstone,John UKIP 774 2.3

Electorate 50,872Turnout: 32,976 (64.82%)

Assembly Member

Lesley Griffiths (Labour) was elected in 2007. She is now a Minister for Local Government and Government Business. Previously she was appointed Deputy Minister for Science, Innovation and Skills in 2009. Following her re-election in May 2011, she was appointed Minister for Health and Social Services before her current post.

Raised in North East Wales, Lesley has lived and worked in Wrexham all her adult life. Prior to her election to the National Assembly for Wales, Lesley spent 20 years working at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. She also worked as Constituency Assistant to Wrexham MP Ian Lucas.

Member of Parliament

Ian  Lucas (Labour) was first elected in 2001 following Dr John Marek the incumbant stepping down to concentrate on being a member of the Welsh Assembly. He was a Minister for Business and Regulatory Reform until Labour’s defeat in 2010. He is the current shadow minister for the Middle East and Africa

He’s from Gateshead originally and went to the local grammar school and from there to New College Oxford to study law. He then qualified as a solicitor. He is married with two children.