Cardiff South and Penarth

P80200023The biggest constituency in Wales by electorate, there are 73,690 registered voters in the constituency, is also one of the most diverse in Wales. It contains some of the greatest ethnic diversity in Wales, and stretches from the North Eastern fringes of the city along the Bristol Channel coast to the seaside town of Penarth. It also covers some of the greatest economic diversity in Wales, containing the prosperous areas of Penarth and Cardiff Bay, contrasting with the less well off areas of Rumney, Grangetown and Trowbridge. Places of interest in the seat include the Cardiff Bay developments, the Welsh Assembly Building itself and Penarth Seafront.

The seat was created in 1983 as a successor seat to the South East Cardiff constituency, that was represented by the former Labour Prime Minister Jim Callaghan. Callaghan won the seat on its creation in 1983, and retired from Parliament in 1987. The seat was held by Labour’s Alun Michael until he resigned from Parliament in 2012 to be Labour’s candidate for Police Crime Commissioner elections for the South Wales Police area. The seat was won in the ensuing By-election by Labour’s Stephen Doughty.

The Conservative vote in the seat has fluctuated over the years, with the 1987 election representing a high point of just over 36% for them, although their vote in the 2012 By-election stopped just short of 20%. The highly urbanised nature of the seat plus its mainly Anglophonic population effectively rule Plaid out of winning this seat, whilst the Liberal Democrat vote rarely leaves the mid teens of percentage points. In Welsh Assembly elections though, both Plaid and the Liberal Democrats usually score better than they do in Westminster elections.

At the Welsh National Assembly level the seat has been held from its creation in 1999 until 2011 by the Labour Party; Lorraine Barrett from 1999 until 2011, and then Vaughn Gething from 2011 onwards.

2015 General election results

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Doughty, Stephen Labour Co-op 19,966 42.78
Warman, Emma Conservative 12,513 26.81
Rees-Evans, John UKIP 6,423 13.76
Foday, Ben Plaid Cymru 3,443 7.38
Howells, Nigel Liberal Democrat 2,318 4.97
Slaughter, Anthony Green 1,746 3.74
Saunders, Ross TUSC 258 0.55

Labour Co-op majority 7,453 (15.97%) 2.68 swing Conservative to Labour

Electorate 75,714 Turnout: 46,667 (61.64%)

2011 Assembly election results

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Gething, Vaughan Labour 13,814 55.67
Gray, Ben Conservative 7,555 30.45
Musa, Liz Plaid Cymru  1,850 7.46
Cliff, Sian Liberal Democrat  1,595 6.43

Turnout: 27,479 (36.62%)

Labour 6,259 majority

 2012  By-election November 15 results

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Daughty,Stephan Labour 9,193 47.87
Williams, Craig Conservative 3,859 20.09
Molik, Bablin Liberal Democrat 2,103 10.95
Nicholas, Luke Plaid Cymru 1,854 9.65
Zeigler, Simon UKIP 1,179 6.13
Slaughter, Andrew Green 800 4.17
Jordan, Andrew Socialist Labour Party 285 1.48
Griffiths, Robert Communist 213 1.11

Electorate 75,764 Turnout: 19,204(25.35%)

2010 General election results

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Michael, Alun Labour 17,263 38.9
Hoare, Simon Conservative 12,553 28.3
Hannigan, Dominic Liberal Democrat 9,875 22.3
Aslam, Farida Plaid Cymru 1,851 4.2
Zeigler, Simon UKIP 1,145 2.6
Burke, George Independent 648 1.5
Townsend, Matt Green 554 1.2
Bate, Clive Christian Party 285 0.6
Griffiths, Robert Communist 196 0.4

Electorate 73,704  Turnout: 44,370 (60.20%)

 Assembly Member

Vaughan Gething (Labour) was elected  in 2011. He was promoted to be Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty in June 2013 he had previously chaired the Common Agricultural Policy Task and Finish Group and was a member of the Enviroment and Sustainable Committee.

Between 1999 and 2001, Vaughan worked as a researcher to former AMs Val Feld and Lorraine Barrett. Between 1999 and 2001, Vaughan was the chair of Right to Vote – a cross-party project to encourage greater participation from black minority ethnic communities in Welsh public life.  

Vaughan is a solicitor and former partner at Thompsons. He is a member of the GMB and Unite unions, and was the youngest ever President of the TUC in Wales. He has previously served as a county councillor and school governor. He has also been a community service volunteer – supporting and caring for a student with cerebral palsy, and is former president of NUS Wales.

He was born in Zambia and brought up in Dorset. He was educated at Aberystwyth and Cardiff universities, and now lives in Butetown with his wife Michelle. Vaughan is a largely retired cricketer and a fan of both rugby and football.

Member of Parliament

Stephen Doughty (Labour) was elected to Parliament in 2012.

As a senior policy adviser on poverty, development, trade and humanitarian affairs to Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP as Secretary of State for International Development in the last Labour Government. He worked for over seven years in a range of campaigning roles in international charities including World Vision and Oxfam, as well as work with the Robin Hood Tax campaign and Make Poverty History.

He lives in Splott, and was born and brought up in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. He went to Llantwit Major Comprehensive School in the Vale of Glamorgan, followed by studies in Canada, and at Oxford and St Andrews Universities.