Alyn and Deeside

This seat is on the border between England and Wales. It was established in 1983. It is an industrial seat it was formerly known as East Flint.

The main population areas in the current seat include Shotton, Connah’s Quay, Buckley, Hawarden and Caergwrle.

It contains the UKs largest manufacturer, Airbus UK. which is a major employer in the area providing very many skilled and well paid jobs. Shotton was a base for steel production.

From such a large industrial base you’d expect the seat to be firmly Labour and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Since its establishment it has been represented by Labour both in Parliament and in the Welsh Assembly.

It’s political claim to fame is that Prime Minister Gladstone lived in Hawarden Castle. Gladstone had three hobbies, saving prostitutes from themselves, collecting and reading books and perhaps not inappropriate for a book collector, felling trees.

In 1895, at the age of 85, Gladstone bequeathed £40,00 (equivalent to approximately £3.42 million today) and much of his library to found St Deiniol’s Library, in Hawarden.The only residential library in Britain. Despite his advanced age, he himself hauled most of his 32,000 books a quarter of a mile to their new home, using his wheelbarrow.

The Labour Members of Parliament in the seat have not quiet the same stature, they were Barry Jones 1983-2001 and Mark Tami from 2001.

2015 General election results

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Tami, Mark Labour 16,540 40.03
Knightly, Will Conservative 13,197 31.94
Smilie, Blair UKIP 7,260 17.57
Jones, Tudor Liberal Democrat 1,733 4.19
Hurst, Jacqeline Plaid Cymru 1,608 3.89
Ibbotson, Alasdair Green 976 2.36

Labour Majority 3,343 (8.09%) 0.39% swing Conservative to Labour

Electorate 62,016 Turnout: 41,314 (66.62%)

2011 Assembly election result

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Sargeant, Carl Labour 11,978 52.61%
Bell, John Conservative 6,397 28.10%
Williams, Pete Liberal Democrat 1,725 25.66%
Brennan, Shane Plaid Cymru 1,710 7.51%
Whitby, Michael BNP 959 4.21%

Turnout: 22,288 (36.87%)

Labour hold 5,581 majority

2010 General election results

Party Votes Cast Percentage
Tami, Mark Labour 15,804 39.6
Gallagher, Will Conservative 12,885 32.3
Brighton, Paul Liberal Democrat 7,308 18.3
Jones, Maurice Plaid Cymru 1,549 3.9
Walker, John BNP 1,368 3.4
Howson, James UKIP 1,009 2.5

Electorate 60,931 Turnout: 39,923(65.52%)

Assembly Member

Carl Sargeant (Labour) took over from Tom Middlehurst in 2003. Sergeant worked as Process Operator at a chemical company and a Quality Environmental Auditor, He was also a community councillor and a community worker for St John’s Ambulance and a member of the Salvation Army.

In the Assembly he has been Chief  Whip and Deputy business manager and is currently in the cabinet as Minister for Social Justice and Local Government.

Member of Parliament

Mark Tami (Labour) worked for the AEEU as head of Policy before entering Parliament in 2001. He’s from Enfield, Middlesex but attended Swansea University where he read history. He was one of those that asked for Mr Blair’s resignation. Under Brown he became a deputy whip. He is secretary of the all party Aerospace group.