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A draft manifesto

jeremy-corbyn_3341664bWas it sabatage or deliberate that we’ll never now but Labour’s draft manifesto has certainly caused a stir.

It’s on a par with the Atlee post war programme. It’s certainly radical and certainly kills dead the thought that all political parties are the same.

But will it work?

What about the nationalization?

According to YouGov the renationalization of the railways and Royal Mail get the thumbs up of the overwhelming majority of the British public.

Breaking up the energy companies might also prove as popular. Hardly that different from what happens in Germany.

Ending Zero Hour Contracts

It follows New Zealand’s lead and banning exploitative Zero Hours Contracts and would again get the backing of many across the political spectrum. According to YouGov even Conservatives support the ban by 46% in favour to 35%.

National Investment Bank

With brexit on the horizon investment in industries will become crucial if the country is to compete. Far better to create a bank that’s main aim is to encourage this than to through money to prop banks such as RBS that are in the muck because of their feckless disregard to due diligence. A national investment fund/bank is good enough for almost every other developed country why not in the UK?Clampdown on outsourcing companies
Company receiving taxpayers’ cash for doing government work must pay their fair share of taxes. Most of the public would go for this. Why successive governments haven’t used the leverage of government contracts to insist on this before is a mystery.

Certainly this is about state intervention in a way that has certainly hasn’t been seen since the 1970s, and perhaps since the 1940s.

Its certainly lives up to Jeremy Corbyn’s mantra of “Taking Control.”

Labour has given itself a radical edge. The polls still indicate that the public are not convinced that Corbyn is a PM in waiting. But certainly today Labour have got everyone attention.



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