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Election a referendum on NHS


Health was centre stage of Welsh Tory leaders speech to conference.

A referendum on the NHS in Wales. According  to Andrew RT Davies,  Welsh Conservative leader  that’s what next year’s assembly election will be about.

He told his party conference that a Welsh Conservative government would “invest in more paramedics, in better access to cancer treatments, in more accountability and in better patient choice”.

 Under an Andrew RT Davies Tory government, conference was told, access to the Welsh NHS and investment in the service will increase.

Then he went on to say ”Next year’s election, then, will be a referendum on the future of the Welsh National Health Service.

More of the same with Labour. Or better access, more investment, and a brighter future with Welsh Conservatives.”

In a blow against Plaid Cymru he told his party “we’re the only Party that won’t prop up another five more years of Labour rule. And only the Welsh Conservatives can stop Carwyn Jones becoming First Minister again. It’s me. Or him.”IMG_1361

 Crabb accuses Labour of being “stuffy”

Earlier, Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb said Wales had “had enough” of the “stuffy Welsh Labour establishment taking their communities and their voters for granted”.

He said new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn may think he is “coming home to ‘Real Labour’ when he visits Wales …. But he will also see that Wales is letting go of Labour…. as people across Wales say ‘enough is enough.’”


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One Response to “Election a referendum on NHS”

  1. Robert says:

    I do think labour are looking very tired at the moment and are running out of steam, they are also looking for quick fixes with people overweight or who smoke must get rehab before getting treatment, and then as they do this the condition will get worse and the NHS will spend more treating them.

    The problem for labour is they are not sorting thing out just as i said a quick fix to get the election over and they a few years doing sod all.

    But the Tories need not bother, they will not win the next election in may, so not need to really worry we will just carry on with quick fixes.

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