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“Give us a job”


Youthful indiscretion is one thing, but mature behaviour is what matters

Forget what did or didn’t happen with a pig or even the fact that the allegations that the youthful David Cameron took drugs.  A toff’s lifestyle may keep the gossipy readers of the Daily Mail happy but they are of little concern to the rest of us.

What takes a youngster’s fancy should not be used against him or her when they are mature adults. Although perhaps politicians ought to reflect on their youth when it comes to their policies on drugs. But that’s by the by.

It wasn’t a shallow youth but a mature politician that ennobled Ashcroft. It seems an £8 million donation to a political party, in this case the Conservatives, gets you a seat in one of the chambers of parliament. No connection between the two events, hmmm, pigs may fly.

The unwritten rule is that those that don’t reside in the UK and pay tax here don’t get to sit in the House of Lords. At the time Cameron denied knowing that Ashcroft was a non-domicile.

Even a cursory reading of the press would have informed him that Ashcroft’s home and fortune were based in Belize.  When Cameron knew this fact is a subject of some disagreement between Cameron and Ashcroft with Ashcroft alleging that he told Cameron a great deal earlier than Cameron has publicly declared.

House of Lords

Patronage goes with the keys of number 10 but the last honours list has shown Cameron has used the House of Lords without restraint to reward his cronies. Noses to the trough comes to mind.

Lloyd George was denigrated for his use of the honours system to fill the coffers of his party. Despite legislation to stop this, it clearly still goes on in a more subtle way –as this latest revelation shows.

Ashcroft’s book reveals that he felt entitled not only to a peerage but also to a job in Cameron’s government. Not because of ability or election but because he had loads of money. Some credit to Cameron for not exceeding to this demand.

What a farce that laws are passed by a parliament the half of which is unelected. Where a significant number of those are there because they have deep pockets and have bought the privilege.

It’s called democracy? You’ve got to be joking.


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