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Liberal leadership candidate visits Senedd

Farron speaks to press

Farron speaks to press

Tim Farron MP visited the Assembly to drum up support from Liberal Democrat AMs in his campaign to become party leader.

He later went on to speak to Liberal Democrat party members in Cardiff.

His arrival coincides with the ballot papers going out for the leadership election which takes place on the 16 July 2015.

The other candidate for the post is Norman Lamb who was the Care Minister in the coalition government.

Following the resignation of Nick Clegg  after the party’s disasterous performance in the election when the Liberal Democrats lost 49 seats.

Reducing the party to eight seats in the House of Commons and seeing them loose most of the party’s big hitters such as Vince Cable, Simon Hughes, Ed Davey, Danny Alexander and the late Charles Kennedy.

Mark Williams the Ceredigion MP remains the sole Liberal Democrat from Wales in the House of Commons. Jenny Willett having lost Cardiff Central to Labour and Roger Williams having lost his Brecon seat to the Tories.

Tim Farron in speaking to the press said that his party could not hide the scale of their defeat and had to get back in touch with the voters. But all was not hopeless he said the party had experienced a surge in membership since the election with 16,500 new members these will be part of the 65,000 entitled to vote in the leadership election.


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