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Health options

images9Hypochondria rules, ok. It seems we’re becoming obsessed with health. Last week ITV Wales had a health week. Not to be outdone health has taken over the BBC airwaves this week.

You can be certain if there’s a bandwagon, politicians will be crawling on board. Not a week goes by without a press release been issued by the parties on some aspect of health.

If it’s not Plaid saying they’ll employ a 1000 medics, the Tories banking on about a cancer drugs fund and also a public enquiry and the Liberal Democrats wanting a commission on health.

The government meanwhile are having to defend themselves on missed targets. If it’s not ambulance response times it’s waiting hours at accident and emergency units or some other target seemingly missed.

To top it all, politicians  have the cheek to protest that the NHS shouldn’t become a political football.

Oh! what hypocrisy. Of course it’s a political football, because politicians know that there are votes in turning the public’s frustration to party advantage. They’re all into the blame culture.

Poverty and an increasingly elderly population does’nt lend itself to good health outcomes. Spending on the NHS is often not the best or most effective way of dealing with ‘health.’ Often health outcomes can be improved by expenditure elsewhere.

Insulate Welsh homes and you not only tackle climate emissions but it also reduces the number of respiratory illnesses.

There is plenty of research evidence that shows that reducing loneliness amongst the elderly reduces their need for hospitals.

Expenditure on leisure centres and a proper funded public health education programme to ensure the nation exercises. This can do more that throwing good money after bad on medical treatments.

Of course, money needs to be spent on the NHS, but it should be spent wisely. Simply throwing money at the problem without lateral thinking will not sort out the service.

Most object to paying more taxes, but a first class health service doesn’t come cheaply.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister is right when he says that the NHS is being put under too much pressure dealing with self-inflicted conditions.

Welsh people ought to wise-up that unless they cut out fags, booze and junk food disaster awaits.  Should the NHS to waste resources on them? Well, that a question that politicians won’t engage with this side of  the general election me thinks.



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One Response to “Health options”

  1. Jonti says:

    Entirely agree, ‘health outcomes can be improved by expenditure elsewhere’.

    Death doesn’t come cheap. But as you and Minister Drakeford seem to be suggesting it is a whole lot cheaper than throwing more money at a failing public service.

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