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Week in politics

Week 14 June to 20 June


Times will get ‘aharder” for local councils.  Minister Lesley Griffiths has just written to them saying they’re likely to face cuts of up to 4.5% next year. Even more pressure on them to ‘volunteer’ to merge.

Carwyn Jones came under scrutiny over his green credentials in a special session, chaired by the Deputy Presiding officer David Melding. Despite having a target to reduce emissions by 40% by 2020 recent figures released show emissions rising by 5%. The First Minister still refuses to abandon a target to reduce carbon emissions by the end of the decade.


It’s been a bad week at the office for the Prime Minister. He had to eat humble pie by making a full public apology for employing Andy Coulson the convicted hacker as his Press guru. No sooner had the cameras done their job the trial judge waded in and accused him of undermining justice because the trial of Coulson on other counts had not concluded.  Wednesday saw him worsted by Miliband in Prime Ministers Questions. Then to top it all he takes a trip to Brussells and the other  EU leaders ignore his pleas not to elect  former Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker as the next president of the European Commission. Not his finest week, me thinks.

George Osborne, the Chancellor, wants another high speed train(HS3)  running East to West in the North of England to join Hull to Liverpool through Manchester and Leeds. I’ts to generate a massive joined up urban area to generate economic growth. Not a word about helping Wales  with a similar scheme I notice.

 Meanwhile Bank of England governor Mark Carney  delivered a blow to savers by suggesting the “new normal” for interest rates is never likely to be greater than 2.5%. That’s even when rates start to increase and those are unlikely to go up this side of the general election. Savers will have to wait until 2017 for the modest saving rate.



YouGov /Sun CON 32%, LAB 37%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 14%,


Ashcroft         CON 28%,(-1) LAB 33%,(-2) LDEM 8%(+1),  UKIP 17%(+2)


YouGov/Sunday Times  CON 33%, LAB 37%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 14%.

Opinium/Observer          CON 31%(nc), LAB 35%(nc), LDEM 7%(+1), UKIP 17%(-2), Greens 5%.





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