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What do we think?

photoWelsh people are broadly happy with their public services according to a government survey of 14,500 adults.(

Although various reports have criticized educational attainment 92% of parents were satisfied with the primary schools 85% satisfied with the secondary schools.92% of people were satisfied with their GPs despite a large number of them(38%) finding it difficult to make an appointment. Similar levels of satisfaction were expressed with hospital care.

When it comes to council services over half (57%) thought they were getting a good service.

How do the Welsh feel about themselves? Well, according to the survey they are most atisfied with their personal relationships scoring of 8.6 from 10, and least satisfied with their finances (6.9).   But when it comes to satisfaction with life there’s  been a decline from last year with 7.7, as opposed to 7.8 last year.

Interestingly people were asked whether to rate on a scale of 0(no trust) to ten (complete trust) who they trusted and not surprisingly the political system scored the lowest (4.3), even below the police. Untrustworthy politicians, well, nothing new there then.

And what are we to make of it all.  Well, that happiness reigns in Wales. It’s a land of contented people. Believe that and you’ll put journalists in the untrustworthy category next year.



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