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Carwyn’s New team

IMG_0010Out with old in with the new. The changes to the Welsh government are now complete following the sudden departure of Leighton Andrews.

One new face round the cabinet table, Jeff Cuthbert the Caerffili AM. He gets the job of soting our communities and solving Wales’s endemic poverty. But as poverty has been with us from biblical times he gets a helper in the form of Vaughan Gethin as a deputy minister to deal with poverty.

The poisoned chalice of closing schools and sorting out the three ‘Rs” goes to Huw Lewis a contender against Carwyn Jones in the leadership contest.  But clearly Carwyn Jones is a forgiving soul and bears no grudges

Another  of the new intake gets made deputy for Skills and technology, the Wrexham AM Ken Skates.

So there you have it the new Turks start up the greasy pole. No women make it.

What will happen to dear old Leighton, there is a vacancy for Chair of Health committee now. Or will he be left languishing on the back benches, planning his next protest campaign in the Rhondda.

Follow the everyday story of political folk in the Assembly.5177f3_a5308c7f5fb0e4326af50449ba945fba.jpg_srz_270_180_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz


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