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What a fine mess

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s not a pretty sight watching a political party tearing itself apart. But this is what seems to be happening to the Conservatives. No sooner did they decide to humiliate Cameron over his European policy, they’re now having a go at him over same sex marriages.

To top it all, a row about whether or not a Cameron aide had described party activists as “swivel-eyed loons.”

If that wasn’t enough there’s another intervention. Not one by a swivel-eyed loon but by an old party bigwig. None other than local Port Talbot boy done good namely, ex Chancellor and Foreign Secretary, Lord Howe.

He described the debate of last week as bringing the “Conservative party to a new, farcical low.”  He went on to urge the Lib Democrats and Labour to sort the mess out.

Gosh, what a Monday morning feeling the Prime Minister must have. Almost every newspapers and every news bulletin this morning were discussing the melt down within the Conservative party. Some even speculating that the Premier would have to go before the next election. He surely regrets not staying in bed.

Where did it all go wrong for him? Oh dear, he’s only himself to blame. The seed of his current misfortunes lies in his failure to tackle and modernise his own party.

When he unexpectedly won the leadership of his party he knew what he had to do, set out a new direction. Reform his party root and branch. He had to do a Neil Kinnock, remove the “loons” from the party. Make it an outward looking modern party.

Constituency Associations needed to start choosing candidates that were more a reflection of the country as a whole.  Cameron singularly failed to do this.

It was the same old reactionary people choosing the candidates. The new in-take were predominantly white and male. They reflected the views of the membership who were anti-European, anti-immigration and anti diversity.

And guess what, the new in-take has moved the party further to the right. That this would happen wasn’t rocket science.

In the words of Cilla Black, surprise, surprise, the new lot resent the coalition. They blame David Cameron for getting them into it. Now they push their demands, in the hope that the whole damn enterprise comes crashing down. The PM is forced to the polls and a grateful nation elects a true blue government.

Now back in the real world this split is likely to see Labour returned under a lack lustre leader. But as they say, that’s politics.

All down to Cameron talking a good game of reform but doing  little about it.

Moral – man cannot live by PR alone.


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One Response to “What a fine mess”

  1. kp says:

    ‘He had to do a Neil Kinnock, remove the “loons” from the party.’

    Oh, so now we are being treated to a pro-Kinnock form of revisionist history. The bloke was almost as unelectable as Michael Foot, it just took us longer to realise it!

    As for Cameron, I think you read matters wrongly. He is fighting for the determinant votes of the centre ground. It matters not how much he upsets the right of his party (unless he upsets them so much that they split), the next election, as with all elections, will be won and lost on those few centre ground votes.

    And it seems the strategy is working. And working rather well. Just look at the leadership polls.

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