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City start with win

After a dodgy start to their season last year Bangor City having limbered up in Europe made a better fist of things in their first match of the new season. City started the newly revamped Welsh Premier League with a win over the full timers of Neath.

The first half was evenly balanced. Bangor drew first blood with a penalty in the 19th minute which was converted by Morley. But within 3 minutes Neath equalised with a well taken goal by Hancock. Neither side made much of an impact in the remainder of the first half.

To coin a cliche, football is a game of two halves and the second half was dominated by City. Their passing was crisper with less of the mistakes of earlier. They dominated the Neath half. A goal from City was certainly on the agenda. But City took their time to convert advantage in play to the tangible of a goal. A penalty was missed in the 82 minute. A draw seemed to be on the cards. But before City fans could get over their disappointment Hancock found the back of the net in the 84th minute.

Time had run out on the full timers of Neath and they will have to wait a while yet for a return on their investment.

City will face Bala next Saturday with some confidence after this performance. The game will be televised live on S4C at 3.45pm.

Bangor City 2

Neath 1


Dilemma for the bank

All is not well with the economy when the cost of chips in the Caerffili high street goes up a staggering 14% from 70p last week to 80p now. Now in the great scheme of things that might not sound very much but when not working for ITV it is part of my staple diet. If measured along the other staples like tea, butter fruit and fish, and of course diesel. All point to things not looking too good for the Hughes household budget for a while.

But this spike in food and petrol prices is set to hit all household budgets in the next few months.

But that’s not all. Thanks to the last budget VAT will rise to 20 per cent on the 4 January hitting all households, but particularly the poor, hard. it is estimated that it will add over 1 per cent to the cost of living. Increasing costs will also mean less purchases and still further pressure on those that provide these goods and services

Now all this is going to pose a real dilemma to the Bank of England when it sets interest rates as it will tomorrow. Should it raise interest rates from the current low of 0.5 per cent to stop inflation but in doing so put the kibe-wash on any economic recovery.

If these things come to pass and all the indications are that they will, is the Chancellor not being particularly fool hardy in taking out his axe to public spending and public service jobs. Jobs that we in Wales are particularly dependent on.

A monetary and fiscal squeeze together would seem to be a squeeze too far.

Unless there is a real rethink we face a deep downturn and at the same time much higher inflation. A recipe for real disaster particularly here in Wales. So think again Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg before it is to late.


Art and Wales

This year the Art exhibition in the eisteddfod was the best for many an year. It was as if the artists had raised their game because of the display area. The area was a large concrete pit that once housed the machinery that made the rolling mill, roll.

Tate Modern comes to mind as one strolls the area. Even the largest canvass sits comfortably within this cavern of a building.

The eisteddfod by their successful use of such a space raise an important question as to why Wales hasn’t got a permanent gallery for the visual arts.

The National Museum is fine but inadequate to house all the nation’s art works. No we need a bespoken venue and surely we have inherited enough buildings from our industrial past to create an iconic space to rival the best in the world. Who’ll follow these in such a campaign?