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All good things are worth a wait

This term of the National Assembly may not come to a close next May. No there hasn’t been a coup and we are not under military rule. The civilian leaders of the Assembly just want an extension of their term of office. In the words of Corporal Jones ,’don’t panic’. We’re not being deprived of our democratic right to turf politicians out of office for too long.

The four parties want a month’s stay of execution. Why? Well, all the parties are going to have a massive love in. They are all going to be singing from the same hymn sheet for the period preceding the referendum, which is expected to be held in early March. So we’ll have a period of sweetness and light between late summer and next spring. All Assembly Members will be cosing up to each other. Whether Members of Parliament will enter into the spirit of things remains to be seen, but as they say that’s a different story.

And then? Well business as usual. Hostilities will break out again. Inter-party strife for the election.

The only problem is that the party bosses feel that a couple of months might not be enough to make us the electorate forget this new ‘respect’ type of politics.

No, they need a longer period to get back into their old ways and back to politics as usual. So in a private meeting recently the four party leaders decided that they would ask Secretary of State Gillan to postpone the election for a month. For the ‘She’ has it in her gift to grant the request.

A letter is being prepared by Carwyn Jones at the moment to ask the favour.

So the trip to the polling station for the Assembly elections is likely to be in June of next year. All good things are worth the wait, surely!


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